This Is Electric (UK)

James holds a residency on every first Saturday night of every month, at 8PM, on This Is Electric. This Is Electric is a London-based internet radio station, with DAB coverage in Cambridge. As a native Londoner, This Is Electric is James’ ‘home station’ – and is where he premieres every Hot Right Now radio show.

Gaydio (UK)

James is a Mix Show cover presenter and Club Night DJ for Gaydio, based in Manchester, UK, on Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm. Gaydio is an LGBT radio station which is on FM in Manchester, and on DAB throughout the UK, as well as having a global audience online. Gaydio has around 850,000 listeners per month.

Nexus Radio (Chicago)

Every Sunday at 8PM (CST), James Bowers plays two hours of pop remixes and commercial dance on Nexus Radio (formerly Fusion Radio), based in Chicago, US as part of the ‘British Invasion’ – which takes place on Sunday nights, alongside fellow British DJ, Adam Turner.

Nexus Radio broadcasts across the US, but is available online and frequently facilitates interviews with current and historic Dance Music icons, in addition to hosting events at the Nexus Lounge at Roscoe’s in Chicago.